Uniform Information

Top: Girls

  • No Brand Logos Short or long sleeved white Peter Pan collared blouses.
  • Short or long sleeved white oxford cloth collared shirts.
  • Short or long sleeved white or navy blue knit polo shirts, long sleeved white or navy blue turtleneck.
  • Specialty knit polo shirts with school logo purchased from the school
  • Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • Solid white undershirts only

Bottom: Girls

  • No Brand Logo plaid #38N skirt plaid #38N jumper plaid #38N skort
  • Girls are advised to wear shorts under jumper or skirt khaki slacks
  • no capri khaki shorts
  • must be worn at waist
  • NO corduroy, denim, cargo, or painter pants

Top: Boys

  • Short- or Long-Sleeved, White, Oxford, Cloth, Collared Shirts;
  • Short- or Long-Sleeved, White or Navy Blue, Knit, Polo Shirts;
  • Long-Sleeved, White or Navy Blue Turtleneck Under Polo Shirts; Specialty Knit, Polo Shirts with School Logo Purchased from the School (Available Fall)
  • Shirts Must be Tucked in at All Times

Bottom: Boys

  • No Brand Logo khaki slacks
  • pleated or non-pleated khaki shorts
  • must be worn at waist
  • NO corduroy, denim, cargo, and painter pants


  • Solid Brown or Black Belt
  • Must be Worn at Waist if Loops are Present

Socks: Girls

  • White, tan, or navy
  • (ankle or above)
  • White or navy blue tights allowed for winter
  • Tights must cover entire foot
  • no lace or decoration on legs.

Socks: Boys

  • White, Tan, or Navy Blue
  • (Must be Above the Ankle)


  • White, Below–the–Ankle, Tennis Shoes with Light-Colored Soles (Boys and Girls)
  • NO Black-Colored Soles, High-Tops, Lights, or Theme Shoes (Examples: Cartoon Characters, Glitter, etc.);
  • Top-Sider, Sperry, or Generic-Brand-Similar Shoe (Boys and Girls);
  • Navy Blue and White, Saddle, Tennis Shoe 
  • Navy Blue and White, Saddle Oxford Shoe (Girls Only)


Outerwear: Male/Female

  • Navy Blue or White, Cardigan Sweater;
  • Navy Blue or White Sweatshirt;
  • Navy Blue or White Windbreaker;
  • Navy Blue or White Fleece;
  • (All Outerwear can be With or Without the School Logo);
  • Navy Blue, Sport Coat with Gold Buttons to Celebrate Special Occasions


Additional Notes

Prohibited Items:

  • Corduroy or Denim Fabric;
  • Cargo (Extra Pockets)
  • Pants; Oversized or Bell–Bottom Pants; Low-Rise Pants;
  • Rolling Book Bags;
  • Hoop Earrings,
  • Chokers,
  • Bangles,
  • Make-Up,
  • Artificial Nails, Nail Art;
  • Hair Coloring or Carving(s) in Hair;
  • Tattoos, Unless School-Sponsored;
  • Anything Deemed to Distract from Learning;
  • Hoodies